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Metal Building FAQ

FAQ for Custom Metal Buildings

Yes.  We offer erection services with some limitations on location and size.

There are many factors that determine lead times.  Size, complexity, and options could all impact delivery times.  Our lead time for a typical building package is 6-10 weeks.  We will be happy to estimate specific lead times at time of building quote.

Yes. SMS can provide engineer stamped Permit/Approval Drawings.

Typically, SMS will provide the design loads to you and a local structural engineer familiar with the soil conditions in your area is best to design the foundation.  Our engineers can design the foundation, but will need a soils report provided by the customer.

SMS provides a 1 (one) year Materials and Workmanship Warranty, as well as extended manufacturers warranties ( up to 25 years or more) on painted sheeting products.

Yes.  SMS provides a detailed set of erection drawings and can assist with any questions you may have during the process.

No.  Each building is individually designed to the customers needs.  SMS can assist in suggesting options that help you design a building that not only meets your needs, but is aesthetically pleasing as well.